Having gone through a bag a year and feeling like my back was on fire, I figured a quality messenger bag was worth the investment. I ended up with a Mission Workshop Rummy 'cause the guy at the shop rec'ed it and I like that it's low key. I've probably said this in a zillion comments already, but I swear by Tenba Messenger Wraps (I've got one laptop size and one camera size-also fits most tablets) 'cause there are no zippers to break and it's worked for a whole bunch of laptops of various size.

As for the rest:

  • Thinkpad Twist - I've had convertible thinkpads for almost a decade now
  • Studio Manhattan wallet - bought on sale at Century 21
  • glass Camelbak Eddy
  • travel hand sanitizer - refill using 8oz (or larger) bottle
  • ziploc containing vga & audio cables and micro hdmi-vga adapter
  • lighter - don't even smoke, but it's occasionally useful
  • bobby pins (and ponytail holders) 'cause I've got long hair
  • band-aids - I'm a klutz
  • ipod nano - been addicted to NPR podcasts lately and it has awesome battery life
  • cough drops - there's almost always someone who needs one
  • Advil - ditto

And my very important keys:

  • keychain flashligh - 'cause killing my phone while trying to find a trail once was enough
  • USB stick - attached covers are a must 'cause I lose things easily
  • multiple key rings - work/mom's/mine