Usually, I'm possibly more non-plussed about these attacks than I possibly should be, but this one is shaking me 'cause I know the neighborhood. When I was in Israel, the school I went to is in Har Nof. It's such a tight community that 3 of the dead are husbands of women attached to the school. This was the first time… » 11/18/14 2:16pm Tuesday 2:16pm

Figure out Tuesday's Ballot with Ballotpedia

With midterm elections in the US coming up Tuesday, I'm telling ya'll about Ballotpedia, an "interactive almanac of U. S. politics". Yes it's a wiki, so engage in your critical thinking skills, but it's also a fairly comprehensive compendium of information on things like local propositions, which can include things… » 11/02/14 7:01pm 11/02/14 7:01pm

How to Write a (Barely) Passing Paper

I wrote this when I was an undergrad working as a tutor for my school's writing center. Almost a decade later, it all still holds perfectly true. I highly recommend students follow this simple checklist for making sure that any work being handed in looks like at least an hour was spent on it. And if any of these are… » 10/13/14 1:33pm 10/13/14 1:33pm

What was your sex ed like?

The comments on the latest harmful sex-ed story make me yet again ever so thankful that I had a fantastic sex ed teacher at my progressive New York public school. She taught holistic sex ed, so we had diagrams and videos and the ABCs of kink (which me and the other Orthodox kid rocked at) and an anonymous question box… » 10/12/14 7:45pm 10/12/14 7:45pm