Break out of your kinja zone in today's cross thread

Hi Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Tay, ODeck, Backtalk, Oppo, and Clashtalk denizens and welcome to the weekly pan-kinja cross thread that originated as a Thursday tech thread for Whitenoise, Hackerspace, and Groupthink. How's the kinjaverse been this week? Any cool posts from your neck of the internet that… » 2/26/15 10:30am Thursday 10:30am

Nerding out on the Comp Sci in The Imitation Game

I had been avoiding The Imitation Game 'cause I was way afraid of the way it'd portray Turing's work. Instead, it incorporated more bits and pieces of computer science than I thought it would, and did it all surprisingly well. So, I'd like to share with you some of the fundamentals of Computer Science that are… » 2/21/15 7:55pm 2/21/15 7:55pm

Make very Merry in the Christmas Cross Thread

Alas, my magically magical cross thread got unshared (tis a first! I think) and rather quickly at that, so ya'll know the deal. Tis the Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Tay, Odeck, Backtalk, Oppo, Clashtalk weekly Thursday cross thread where folks from various corners of the kinja verse come to chat and make… » 12/25/14 12:30pm 12/25/14 12:30pm